Friday, January 24, 2014

Prodigal Prayers

Are you praying for someone to be healed?  A relationship to be restored?  Someone to be set free from addiction? For the past to not be part of the future?  For someone to know Jesus?  Do you believe it can happen?  Do you believe that your prayers make a difference?

No matter what the circumstances, God can touch someone and radically change their life. I know it because I am seeing it. With my own eyes. A radical transformation that goes beyond all explanation. Words can't even describe it.  The prodigal that we've been praying for has come back.  And loves God. That's what we've been praying.  That God would show His love in such a mighty way, that it would be impossible to ignore. Impossible to run from. Impossible to turn away.

In fact, I pray that for all of us. We all are prodigals. At some point in our life, we probably aren't living up to our full potential.  Squandering our resources because we are not seeking God's will for our life. Unable to walk out our purpose because we are being wasteful in the gifts that God has given us.

But it's not too late and it's never impossible.  You simply seek Him with all your heart and draw closer to Him. He can change your life and those who you are praying for. It may take years and even more circumstances before you see it transpire, but it will happen. Build and increase your faith so that you can believe His promises are true. They are Yes and Amen.  Stand firm in the knowledge that they are for you and your family!

And don't give up!  Don't stop praying! Your prayers are the catalyst that sparks the change!  Jeremiah 29:11 says that God has a purpose and plan for your life.  Seek Him for that purpose. Don't be wasteful with the talents that God has given you.  As prodigals, lets turn our face back to Him!  He can and will answer your prayers!

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