Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Immeasurably More

Immeasurable... Impossible to measure...

A word that is far above what we can even comprehend. And where do you find it...God's word.  One of His promises. Paul, a prisoner, knew that God can do far above whatever we could ask or think.  Even though Paul was in prison, God was still using him to build up his church and equip the saints.  In a prison cell.  Locked away.  But still unbounded by what God could do in and through him.   

Do you have dreams?  Do you have desires that God has placed in you, but feel you can't reach them?  That there is no way. We put those limits on ourselves and God. Those limits and measures are what keeps God from being able to perform those extraordinary things in our lives. We need to get rid of the box that we try to put God in and operate in the fullness of Him.  When we come to the realization that there is no limit in what God can do, then we can walk in His promises for our lives and the lives of those around us.  Believe. Have faith. Dream big...it's endless, unfathomable, unlimited...exceedingly abundantly...God can do far above it!  

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